Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Master-planning + More

As a proud sponsor of Urban Land Institute (ULI), we understand the value of smart land use. The best communities are about promoting an exceptional quality of life in a fusion of business, culture, entertainment, nature, and innovation. And these communities connect people to the environment through creative strategies that that effectively combine economic and ecological responsibility.

At DMK4, we partner with real estate developers and corporations to create unique site-specific destinations and community developments, down to the individual business.
After assessing each client’s business drivers, our team develops comprehensive design solutions that work from both a financial and an operational perspective. We create authentic environments that impart a sense of community, are memorable and therefore profitable.

We work in small teams composed of a principal, project manager and designers. Our approach, to have teams work together start to finish on a project under the leadership of a principal and project manager, enables everyone on the team to have a consistent depth of understanding and knowledge about the project and our client and to produce the best work on their behalf.

Our services include: 
Contract options
Logistics Management Risk Analysis 
Public/Private partnerships
Business Plans

Master-Planning & Conceptualization
Mixed-use Community Design
Three-dimensional Visions for the Future 
As-built | Existing Conditions Plans 
Workplace Psychology & Planning Construction Documents
Custom Product Development and Patents

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