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Here at DMK4, our four areas of focus are design, planning, development and management services. We specialize in upscale and custom projects, which would include 
We know that no two projects are alike and that therefore we must always start each new project with an open mind and a clean slate. Our work process is very participatory, by which we mean that you will see a lot of us. We will put much effort into coming to understand who you are; what your goals, needs, and motivations may be; and how these may be best supported by the building or buildings we will design for you.

Darren Sumner, President & Chief Creative Officer 
Mr. Sumner has large-scale International design experience in Hospitality, Resort, Residential, Motion Pictures and mixed-use developments. 
His career started in Lexington, KY. where Darren worked for several firms on commercial and hospital projects when he started DCS Development Co., a design, planning and development firm. For over 10 years, dedication was given to each project and soon encompassed over 100 projects, including projects in Bangalore, India.
Relocating to Southwest Florida was a great opportunity as Director of Design for Sater Group. With over 450 projects, Sater is a global business in planning, design and publishing with top selling books and magazines, where Darren's design work is still featured, including the cover of a new Mediteranean book.

Years later furthering his exposure to international culture and styles, he joined WATG in Orlando, the world's top hospitality, leisure and entertainment design firm with his projects in Maldives, Middle East, Ukraine, Latin America, N. Africa, and US, including developing WATG branding.

Most recently, he is involved in Motion Pictures consulting, co- founder of New Orleans Architecture for Humanity, and Urban Land Institute (ULI) Media Director.
He is a current member of AIBD, ULI, DMI, CORA, ICA&CA, INTBUA, & USGBC.

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